The four different types of courses for adult learners

It’s never too late to learn more; whether it will help you earn more, fulfill a lifelong dream or give you a sense of achievement, there are many options for adults

There are multiple reasons to go back to education: some people are interested in hobby courses while others are looking for a complete change of career. Of course there’s also the loss of a career due to the change in the economy, to consider; or maybe the time is right to do what you want to do.

There are many options for people who are scared of the commitment or worried how they will balance life and study. Here are four different options that people can take.

1. A part-time course

If you want to try out the world of lectures, a part-time course may be a good start. Our part-time courses range from shorter courses over a few months to ones that run over a few years. See if there’s something that appeals to you, and talk to our staff if you have any questions. Part-time no longer means evening only, there are flexible options that range from daytime, evening, and online.

2. Springboard +

Springboard + is growing year by year and the eligibility criteria have really expanded. This is a low-cost way of getting a qualification in an area where there is a demand for skilled people.

3. Postgrad and Masters

Postgraduate courses come in all shapes and sizes these days – there are plenty of part-time options that have flexible learning options so you can work and study while getting a Level 9.

4. Full-time undergraduate

Watch out for Available Places each year when CAO offers are being made. If you have missed the earlier deadline, this is another route into college. You can apply to a full-time undergraduate course between early November and 1 February via the CAO. WIT is one of the colleges that takes late applications between the start of March and 1 May (except for restricted courses). Sign up for our annual taster day for mature students to see if this is for you.


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